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Providing educators with access to the resources needed to effectively teach the lessons of genocide



Registration is now closed for the GENI educators' workshop:  "Meeting the Mandate, Teaching Genocide in Illinois"  October 20, 2006

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The Genocide Education Network of Illinois is a non-profit initiative founded in 2006 in response to the passage of Public Act 094-0478, mandating the expansion of genocide instruction in the public schools to include the Armenian Genocide, the Holocaust, the Ukrainian Famine Genocide, the Cambodian Genocide, the Bosnian Genocide, the Rwandan Genocide, the Darfur Genocide and others.
The Genocide Education Network of Illinois is a volunteer-based organization dedicated to assisting educators
  •   Identify genocide education resources and make them accessible
  •   Obtain the training needed to effectively teach about genocide
  •   Create a forum for educators to network, sharing their
  •    experiences to develop new materials and methods